Jewels Festival
Competition of Classical Ballet, Stage Acting, Character & Folk Dance

Mission Statement
"Each child is a jewel to their own parents and we would want to gather all the jewels together in one place, to see how much they shine." ​​​​

The Jewels Festival is a place to bring together the ballet & dance communities in order to motivate their drive to dance, produce new art, meet other artists, find new job opportunities & to share their work & progress with the community.
Program Information
The Jewels Festival 2020 Program
Today, ballet competitions are all the same - classical and contemporary dances.
The trend of current ballet is who can do the most turns, who can show bigger extension or who can do the biggest jump. Most Contemporary dances are all in similar costumes with bare foot and alike movements. We wish to change to that.
The world of ballet absolutly forgot about real ballet - the dance of beauty, the dance of soul, presentating and understanding of each movement.
Jewels Festival presents a unique ballet competition and special workshops.

The Jewels Festival 2020 program will include workshops of master classes of classical ballet with pointe, character dance and stage acting. The Jewels Festival will also host a great panel of judges from USA, Japan, Ukraine, Bolshoi Theater and GITIS (Russian Institute of Theater Arts, Moscow, Russia).
A big award ceremony will conclude the event followed by a gala performance featuring
20 winners selected throughout the competition.
        Each school will have a great opportunity to invite one or more of our judges
for a master class or workshop to their school.

  Jewels Festival Competition 2020 
Solo Commpetition - 
Classical Varations, Neo Classical and Contemporary Solo,
Character and Folk Dance, Stage Acting dance.
Pas de duex Competition - 
Calssical Pas de deux, Neo-classical / Contemporary duet, Stage Acting dance.
Ensemble Competition - 
Classical dance, Character and Folk dance, Stage acting dance.
(for all info see Competition page)

Jewels Festival Workshop 2020
Workshop's of Classical Ballet with Pointe, Character Dance & Stage Acting
(for all info see Competition page)
Directors of various companies will be attending the festival,
scouting for new talent from any dancer aged 18 or over

For the second year in a row our special guest, Eleanor D’Antuono will visit to present her new book and to award a dancer with the D'Antuono prize, for a look at her book on Amazon please click here

All events are open for the public.
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